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P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin that interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a creative and fulfilling modern lifestyle.

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The Elmwood Inn Fine Teas story began in 1990 when Shelley Richardson opened a tea room in Perryville, Kentuck, today one of America's favorite locations for a traditional afternoon tea.

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Double Wall Glass Mugs

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Double Wall Glass Mugs

Mugs — the ultimate tea and coffee companion cup. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and materials. And they help you enjoy your favorite hot or iced beverage on the go.

But if your beverage doesn’t stay at the perfect temperature for long, it might be time to try something new. The double wall glass mug is ideal for brew lovers who like their drink hot, cold, or anywhere in between.

Double wall glass mugs are made from two layers of glass. The middle layer is vacuum-sealed. This keeps cold drinks from getting warm, and hot drinks from getting cold.

Are double-wall glass mugs microwave safe?

Whether your double-walled glass makes it through the microwave depends on the brand. But in general, the answer is yes. You can run your mug through the microwave and the dishwasher.

Do double wall glass mugs keep drinks hot and cold?

Double-wall glass mugs keep beverages at the desired temperature for longer. So if you want a cold drink, it’ll keep it cold. And if you want a hot drink, it’ll keep it hot. This is because double-wall mugs are basically a mug within a mug. Less heat gets in and gets out so your drink stays how you like it.

What are the benefits of double wall glass mugs?

Tea drinkers get to enjoy countless benefits when they choose a double-wall glass mug.

Double wall glass mugs are lighter

  • Lightweight glass material

  • No heavy porcelain or ceramic

  • Easier to hang on displays or hooks

Better thermal isolation

  • It’s a mug within a mug

  • Vacuum-sealed

  • Less heat gets in and out

No handle (handle-less design)

  • Mugs don’t get too hot or cold

  • No need to have a handle

  • Hands stay comfortable

Attractive aesthetic

  • Contemporary design

  • Minimalist appeal

Interesting to look at (and look through)

Double Wall Glass Mugs