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Minima To Go Mug

Refuse to settle for disposable cups from coffee shops or sugar-filled smoothies when you’re out and about. Bring your own drink from home and do it in style. The Minima To Go Mug is made for people on the move. Bring perfection with you, wherever you go.

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Borosilicate, Silicone
Sizing & Capacity

Height 16.0cm, 6.3inch

Width 8.6cm, 3.39inch

Volume 450ml, 12oz

Care & Maintenance
Handwash only
Shipping Information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Nicole O'Young
Lid pops off when used with hot liquid

The silicone on the lid doesn't keep the lid on. It just pops off when my tea is hot. This defeats the purpose of having a to go cup, and since the lid is glass, it's also dangerous as it can/will fall and break if I try to move around with it.
Since viva doesn't pay the shipping if you want to return something, it's not really worth sending back. I'm sad because I was super excited about having a glass tumbler. I wanted to use it with my colourful teas.
This is a fail for me.

Kathleen Lubanski
Minima to go mug

This is my second purchase of this style. This is my favorite hot mug. I use it for tea and or coffee.


Best mug ever!


It’s perfect!

The best ! Purchased 2 more

The only cup I use for my coffee/tea due to its design and functionality, I don’t have to worry about it toppling over.
The glass is strong and heavy duty, so they last years and look brand new. The mouth hole looks small but it’s pretty large.
The shape (width) is perfect, its pretty ergonomic, and fits nicely in my hand.
The lid seals perfectly I’ve never experienced leakage. The silicone is of quality and doesn’t turn white when stretched.
Water doesn’t seep under the silicone sleeve, so you don’t have to worry about trapped water behind the sleeve-it’s very hygienic.
The sleeve can also be removed easily.
The cup doesn’t stain, or absorb smells.


Being healthy and staying that way is something we all aspire to. It’s a beautiful thing to treasure your body. To treat it like a temple. Maybe this comes naturally to you. Or maybe it’s something you’re working towards. Either way, we know what will help keep you on track.


The Minima To Go Mug is the ideal companion for when you’re on the go. This glass and silicone design couldn’t be easier to fill and carry as you get on with your day. When you’re running around trying to get from work to the gym or to a yoga class, have this travel mug by your side to keep your body fueled, healthy and happy.
Don’t settle for anything less than perfect. You can now leave sugary and disposable options behind you. Step into a new phase of sublime drinking with this well-designed travel mug. Keeping healthy and hydrated has never been so easy.



What are the advantages of a glass mug?
Glass is a wonderful material to drink from. Being clear, it means you can enjoy your drinks visually and better appreciate the way their colours play with the light. Even better, in a double-walled design your drink will appear to float within the glass.
Is this mug easy to clean?
This mug is completely dishwasher safe, and just as easy to wash by hand. Because it’s made of our high quality Vitriluma borosilicate glass and food safe Istoflec silicone, you can be sure it won’t mark or dull easily.



How big is this cup?
This mug can hold up to 400mL of your favourite beverage, which is about 2 standard mugs. More than enough to keep you going while you’re out and about.
Is this cup double walled?
This mug is double walled to help it better insulate your drink. A double walled glass helps your drink maintain its temperature better, and keeps the outside of the mug cool to the touch.

Is it difficult to remove the lid?
Not at all. The lid is kept securely in place by a food-safe silicone seal. Grip the lid securely and wriggle the lid to remove it from the body of the mug.