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How To Use A Tea Tray

Tea trays elevate every tea experience with that extra dash of elegance. They’re gorgeous, useful, and traditional. But with so many tea tray options, it’s tough to know how to use one. Let’s dive into tea trays and how to make the most of them.

How to choose a tea tray

There are three things you want to consider when you invest in a tray.


Think about your tea ceremony and how many people you need to serve. If it’s for larger parties, you’ll need a larger tray. For smaller parties, smaller trays. This is why so many tea lovers have a collection of all sizes.


Next, think about the tea tray material. Many tea enthusiasts reach for bamboo because it’s lightweight and traditional. And depending on the tray design, bamboo lets excess water drain and collect below.


Most tea trays have a shallow depth. And some traditional trays have two layers, and they’re shaped almost like a box. The first layer has slots that let any excess tea flow through. The second layer captures any excess tea to keep the ceremony tidy.

Benefits of bamboo tea trays

Tea drinkers around the world use bamboo tea trays every day, and for special occasions. Here’s a look at the many benefits you can enjoy if you invest in a bamboo tea tray:

Bamboo tea trays are environmentally friendly

Bamboo is a renewable resource that’s also biodegradable. Plus, it’s easily regenerated and doesn’t need a lot of chemical processing.

Bamboo tea trays are durable

Bamboo is a shockingly dense wood. In fact, it’s denser than walnut and maple. This means it can support your favorite teacups and teapots, no problem.

Bamboo is heat, stain, and odor resistant

Natural bamboo has a thin layer of protective wax. This helps keep stains and odors from settling inside. And it’s known for its heat resistance, as well. It’ll hold your tea accessories without transferring that heat to your hands.

Bamboo trays are easy to clean

All you need is a tea towel to clean up your bamboo tray afterward. Simply mop up the excess liquid and towel it dry — so easy!

Bamboo trays are beautiful

Bamboo trays have a certain traditional aesthetic that’s hard to mimic. And since bamboo trays are relatively affordable, it’s easy to make one of them your very own.

Bamboo has antifungal properties

Bamboo Kun is a natural property that keeps bacteria, fungi, and other germs away. This makes for a safer, cleaner tea ceremony.