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Iced Tea Makers

How To Choose The Best Iced Tea Pitcher

When it’s hot outside during those summer months, it’s more than tempting to make a big pitcher of iced tea. It’s the perfect drink to cool off, to serve at parties, and have as an afternoon refresher. And the best way to make iced tea is by the pitcher.

So let’s dive into iced tea pitchers to find out which one is the right one for you — let’s go!

How to use an iced tea pitcher

First, start with a quality iced tea pitcher. Choose one that’s big enough for the number of servings you need. Then, grab your loose leaf tea and place it inside an infuser inside the pitcher. Some pitchers have built-in infusers, others don’t. So check inside the pitcher before moving forward.

Then, boil an appropriate amount of water in a tea kettle. When it’s hot enough, pour it into the pitcher. Some iced tea recipes call for equal parts hot and cold water. Check your tea instructions for more details.

When your pitcher is full and your tea is steeping, put it in the fridge for 2 - 6 hours. The longer you give it to cool off, the more refreshing it’ll be.

How to make tea in a glass tea pitcher

This one’s easy! Grab a pitcher, some loose leaf tea, and an infuser. Put the tea inside the infuser, then inside the pitcher. Boil some water and pour it over the tea leaves. Let the tea steep and reach room temperature. Then, put the pitcher in the fridge for a few hours until it’s cold.

Benefits of iced tea pitchers

Iced tea pitchers are great for so many reasons. First, they’re easy to use. All you do is put in the tea, put in the water, then let it steep and cool it off in the fridge.

They’re also durable. Most pitchers are thick and/or made from quality material. They’re designed to hold a lot of water, so they should last you a while if you invest in a quality brand.

And lastly, they’re usually lightweight. Glass isn’t as heavy as other materials like porcelain or ceramic. So they’re easy to carry from the fridge to your backyard barbeque picnic table!

Iced Tea Makers