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P & T is a specialty tea company founded in Berlin that interpret and promote the role of fine tea for a creative and fulfilling modern lifestyle.

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The Elmwood Inn Fine Teas story began in 1990 when Shelley Richardson opened a tea room in Perryville, Kentuck, today one of America's favorite locations for a traditional afternoon tea.

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As the ONLY large scale commercial tea farm in North America, The Charleston Tea Plantation offers a variety of teas, each made with 100% American grown tea produced on the plantation.

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Saga™ Cast Iron Teapot - Black

You no longer have to sacrifice quality for style. With the Saga Iron Tea Kettle you have the advantage of durability alongside perfect heat retention all wrapped in a minimal modern design. Incite your passion for tea with this invitingly curvaceous teapot.


Stone Mint
Pine Green
Saga™ Cast Iron Teapot

Saga™ Cast Iron Teapot - Black

You no longer have to sacrifice quality for style. With the Saga Iron Tea Kettle you have the advantage of durability alongside perfect heat retention all wrapped in a minimal modern design. Incite your passion for tea with this invitingly curvaceous teapot.


Cast lron, Stainless Steel, Silicone
Sizing & Capacity

Height 10 cm, 3.94 inch

Width 13 cm, 5.1 inch

Volume 0.8l, 27 oz

Care & Maintenance
Handwash Only / Not for use on stove top / Not for use in the microwave
Shipping Information

Most orders placed before 10am EST will be shipped same day, all others will be shipped within the next 48 business hours. Large orders typically take longer to process. You will receive two emails from us; the first will be a confirmation that we have received your order. The second email will confirm that your order has shipped and provide you with a tracking number. Standard Shipping We offer free standard shipping within Canada and USA (East coast) when you spend $75.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Mariam Sadeghzadeh
Paint chipped easily

I really love the design ,also shape and the colour but it comes to me as a surprise how an expensive teapot paint can get easily chipped !paint quality is poor!
Teapot bottom and head paint chipped after every use ,the Paint cover is so thin which even scares me to wash it or rub it by soft sponge cause the paint may peel off!
And also if the tea pours on the teapot the stain not goona go away !
I am disappointed! And if you think it is only this single one with all these issue I need a replacement

Susan Tarshis
Love it but. . .

It’s got some rust forming in the joint between the handle and the pot. That feels sad to me. I am careful to let it dry in the air and upside down.

Teapot leaks and stains surfaces

So disappointed with this teapot. It leaks when pouring and when it is filled up with hot water, it leaves dark ring stains on my kitchen surface/wooden table! Would not recommend buying in a dark colour! Also, I was expected a biggersized teapot from the photos - it is a very small teapot that holds 2 mugs full.

Tom Skidmore
The pot leaks

I have tried the pot but it leaks while pooring. I bought another one somewhere else which works fine. I want to return this blue pot because I can't use it.

Maria Elzbieta Kalandyk

Everythink was goed

Daily rituals can consist of many things. Things that we’d rather not be doing. There’s only one ritual that is grounding, calming, brings clarity and refuels your mind. We’re of course talking about brewing tea. Tea is an ancient healing drink that soothes the mind, body and soul. Brewing tea is the perfect way to vivify yourself before a day of bookshop browsing or unwind after a day of art gallery-hopping. It is one ritual you ought not to miss.

While the brewing itself is important, so is the sensory experience. The look of your teapot will greatly sway your mood and feelings towards tea brewing. This is why the velvety black Saga Iron Tea Kettle should be your new brewing companion. The design of our new cast iron teapot is invitingly curvaceous, polished, minimal and completely irresistible.

You can take your love of tea to new heights by brewing perfect cups every time. See how wonderfully the Saga retains the heat of your favourite loose leaf. You may prefer to indulge alone or with a close friends. After all, sometimes you simply must show off your new teaware to someone other than your cat.



How many cups of tea can I make in this teapot?
This teapot can make up to 0.8L of tea. This is enough for 3 standard tea cups. Perfect for a whole afternoon of solo enjoyment or sharing a couple of cups with a good friend. Because cast iron retains its heat so well, if you run out you’ll be able to have a fresh batch ready in no time!

What are the advantages of a cast iron teapot?
The main advantages of cast iron is versatility and heat retention. A cast iron vessel can be heated by just about any method - gas, electric and induction stove tops, even wood burners. Cast iron is also such an ancient material it can be striking to see it used in modern design. The substantial body of the Saga Iron Tea Kettle brings a sense of weight and presence to any room.



Can I use this on a stovetop?
We don’t recommend using it on the stovetop. Thanks to our special Tradinox cast iron, the Saga Iron Tea Kettle is ideal for infuse the tea in the pot.

Does it include a tea strainer?
All our teapots include a fine mesh infuser made of our high quality Immacular stainless steel, so you can infuse your favourite tea directly in this gorgeous teapot.

Does scale build up on the inside of the kettle?
When boiling tap water directly in the teapot, there will always be some scale that builds up on the inside of any kettle. This can be cleaned off the enamel surface using scale remover.